The six strengths of Miyata

The six strengths of Miyata, responding to everything sweet

Miyata has two big roles to play. The first is to cooperate with retail stores we do business with to develop and make the sort of sweets they want to sell. The other role is the starting point for Miyata: to be a wholesaler connecting small-to-mid-sized sweets makers with retailers. Miyata has developed a relationship with all parts of the business in Japan, including confectioneries, manufacturing plants, manufacturers of raw materials, retailers, etc. We also aim to help the industry progress. We respond to all things sweet. And we believe in continuing to create new possibilities and future growth.


From figuring out marketplace needs through the customer’s perspective to handling the delivery of sweets throughout the country, Miyata shows its ability to handle every aspect of the confectionery business. We have both a sweets manufacturer face and a trading company face that raises raw materials and products. We also serve as a confectionery platform, connecting all sorts of companies to the market.