Production & Processing

We can make all sorts of products through our in-house and commissioned production system

From OEM and PB commissioned production to production of our own original brands, we offer a wide range of manufacturing choices. We can respond to all sorts of requests through our factories and commissioned factories to handle confection production all the way to packaging.

  • Production

    Production factories operating at Miyata standards are all over the country
    We retain operation at our factory in Ibaraki and Oosaka, related factories throughout the country, and commissioned factories. All of them operate at or above Miyata standards for strict quality control, ensuring thorough reliability and safety. All sorts of sweets, from snacks to semi-perishable sweets, to beans, and dried fruits are all produced at factories suited for those particular tasks.
  • Processing & Packages

    Excellent ability to respond to a variety of package dimensions
    Packaging is called the “face” of sweets. They come in many dimensions, and in cups and boxes. Miyata has alliances with packageprocessing makers around the country to respond to all sorts of packaging demands. We offer an array of packaging services that correspond with our customers’ demands and the specifications of the product.