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Inheriting Japanese culture through confections


Miyata Co., Ltd. has been moving forward by offering sweets that make our customers smile. To do this, we’ve worked with small-to-mid-sized confectioneries across Japan to plan and develop new products. We deliver these products to wholesalers and supermarkets. The motivating force behind everything we do is our passion for confections. Our imagination and ability to make those dreams a reality help us respond to the needs in this era. Our corporate philosophy since our founding has been to inherit Japanese culture through confections. Our staff works in unison to this purpose. We are working hard to deliver the kind of attractive products that you have been waiting for.

Chief Executive Officer, Miyata Co., Ltd.
Janzen Tai


Company Outline

Company Name Miyata Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer Janzen Tai, Chief Executive Officer
Headquarters 950-1, Wanagaya, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, 270-2232, Japan
Contact TEL:+81-47-369-1211 (Main line)
Established November 1955
Capitalization 50 million yen
Business Description Manufacturing and OEM planning and development of confectionery goods, export and import, wholesaling the products of regional makers from Hokkaido through Okinawa
Number of Employees 184(as of 2023)
Offices Distribution centers: Hokkaido, Kanto (Joso City), Seisho (Odawara City), Nagoya, Osaka
Sales Offices: Sapporo, Fukushima, Tokyo, Aichi (Nagoya), Osaka, Fukuoka, Naha
Factory: Kanto Factory (Joso City)
Affiliated Companies Mama Co., Ltd (Manufactures Western confectionery goods in domestic factory)
Sweetbox Co., Ltd. (Directly imports resources from overseas and manufactures flavored products in domestic factory)
Kinshido Co., Ltd. (Manufactures Japanese confectionery goods in domestic factory)
Happy Pocket Co., Ltd. (Outsourcing imported products to overseas manufacturers)


How to visit our company
●For those arriving by bus
Shin Keisei bus/No. 2 bus stand at the east exit of Matsudo Station, 1-minute walk from “With-Town-mae” stop
●For those arriving by train
Shin Keisei Rail Line/12-minute walk from either “Kamihongo Station” or “Matsudo Shinden Station”, or a 15-minute walk from “Minoridai Station”
●For those arriving from Higashi Matsudo Station
Shin Kei-sei bus/No. 4 bus stand at Higashi Matsudo Station, 7-minute walk from "Nyoraido-mae" stop
●For those coming by car
Car/Expressway No. 6 heading toward Tokyo → Turn right at “Nanasewari Intersection” → Prefectural Road Route Matsudo-Kamagaya Line, turn right at “entrance to Kogyo Danchi”