My motto is to be a salesman
who leaves a good impression
on the customer.

East Japan Sales Office Kanto Branch and Production Office
(joined company in 2015)
Kouji Tsuda

  • A person’s individuality comes out when making sales calls.
    Each person’s individuality is revealed when he or she proposes a certain product. There are also all kinds of customers, and many possible types of sales calls. Every salesperson wants to meet the goal, and there is strength in making an environment where each salesperson’s personality shines.
    Every company wants their salespeople to make an impression on the clients.
  • A salesperson who leaves an impression on the customer
    My business motto is to be a salesperson who makes an impression on the customer. By getting lots of customers to somehow remember me and leave an impression, I get to hear their various requests regarding sweets. I wear a necktie with a certain character on it as a way to make a connection with the customer. When we turn from that topic to business, there’s an opportunity, I believe.
I take connections with the customer seriously and strive to live up to my motto of being a salesperson who leaves an impression on the customer.
  • I sell the type of sweets I ate as a child.
    I joined Miyata in 2015. I worked in inventory management for one year, order receiving for another year, and sales for 5 years.
    What I needed for my sales activities was the character necktie I mentioned earlier and the sweets. I actually ate that candy when I was a kid. Now I deliver it to our customers. Everyone has memories about sweets. That’s what makes me so happy about selling sweets.