Always planning
and developing new products.

PB and OE Development Team
(joined company in 2016)
Satsuki Morita

  • I wanted to work in food development industry.
    Since I was looking for work, I wanted to be involved in food development industry. I joined Miyata because the company doesn’t just produce one product, but a lot of products in various genres. Also, when it comes to product development, many manufacturers do it themselves, but Miyata does it from the wholesale position, which I find very interesting.
Always planning and developing new products.
It’s so rewarding to see our sweets in the customer’s hands.
  • Each product provides its own fun from the very beginning.
    We make products from scratch after listening to the manufacturer or salesperson in charge. They are sold in supermarkets and retailers. We feel a sense of achievement and appeal when the customers buy our products. It’s really fun to develop products that respond to our clients’ needs, too.
    I mainly do deskwork, but I also visit the factory to check on the progress of products and learn a lot of different things.