A company where you listen to the advice of your superiors and challenge yourself

East Japan Sales Office Kanto Branch
(joined company in 20016)
Takuya Hirata

  • Miyata was the company closest to my vision.
    From the time I was looking for work, I wanted to get into a sales position quickly and have a budget to work with. As I interviewed with several companies, Miyata seemed like the best opportunity for me to realize my desire to take part in sales activities. Sales is work where your growth and value can be seen numerically, so I could challenge myself and see what I am capable of.
  • Achieving goals through trial and error
    My main job is sales to supermarkets and retailers, but to achieve my goals, I learn by trial and error. When I hear something good from a client or customer, I feel rewarded and encouraged. It makes me happy when my superiors give me advice and then trust me to do the job. My goal is to be out in front of the company in sales, pulling others along.
I want to reach my goals while listening to the advice of my superiors! This company allows me to challenge myself.